BKS Bukangs [BK-17] Automatic button feeder attachment | 단추 공급기


  • Feeding Method :
    – Electronic Mechanical & Pneumatic systems

  • Feeding time :
    – 0.5 ~ 0.6 Seconds
  • Electric Spec.    :  
    – 50/60HzDualCycle
    – 100V/240VDualVoltage
    – SMPS Controlled

Button type

  • Button Hole :
    – 2 & 4 Holes- Standard,  3 Holes- Optional
  • Button Dia :
    – 8~30 mm**
  • Button Tickness :
    – 1.0~8.0 mm**


  • This robot mechansism device is used to feed the buttons to the button clamp on the button sewing machine.
  • Operator no need to align the holes of button.
  • With its increased feeding speed, the sewing machine head speed can be used upto maximum, which results in higher productivity. Using this device a beginner shows double productivity than skilled operaters.

  • Special button machine work clamp is provided along with BK-17 as per machine make.
  • Transfer pin of different sizes provided with BK-17 as standard accessories.



  1. One body type loosening clamp – automatic loosening clamp position so easy loading of button manually also
  2. Easy Button measure – easy button change, just one touch, one time can set button width and thickness together
  3. Eaasy Micro Adjustment – to control facing of button in-vibrator
  4. Two times cutting – can select after single or double trimming to supply button to work clamp
  5. Cyclic program – We can select the number of button patterns where we need regular button supply & whenever we dont need button supply so we can fix button manually
    Point button – Can be programmed to load the other size button by hand
  6. Supply button – Automatic button supply in absence of no button in work clamp
  7. X,Y adjustment – Easy to set the X & Y axis for transfer pin setting to needle


  • High quality SMC cylinders solenoid assembly used
  • in shirts can achieve 1200 – 1650 * buttons per hour
  • can installation any brand lockstitch button sewing machines
  • easy installoation
  • easy button change by one touch
  • no need expert, any one can operate
  • touch type display and easy volume controlling